Hi, we’re Team Noisy, and we’re here to shake things up a little a lot.

It’s Time To Make Some Noise

Our mission is to combine tasty-adventurous flavours with super-nutritional foods to help you rediscover the five senses.

Because life’s too short for boring snacks.

That’s why every pack of Noisy Snacks is a sensory adventure waiting to happen. It’s the chance to try something new, surprise your tastebuds and — most of all — make some noise.

Pickled Onion Peanuts, Piri Piri Mango Chickpeas and Beef Brisket Broad Beans aren’t your everyday snacks — but you’ll soon want them every day.

What Makes Them Noisy?

Noise is the secret ingredient in all our products because every time you shake a Noisy Snack, you activate the extra flavours at the bottom of the bag.

(You see, unlike most other snack companies that only use 4% flavouring: we use 8%).

The result is bold flavours, adventurous aromas and an excuse to make some noise!

Snacks, The Way You Want Them

Everyone has their own crazy way of doing things: from the funky clothes they wear, to the cringey music they dance to — and when it comes to food, we all want the same thing:


The greatest power you have is the power to choose — so we’ve made it our goal to create a range of sensory snacks that gives you the chance to connect what you eat with what you care about most in life.

(And why we developed the Snack-Matchmaker in our Noisy Lab).

So whether you’re a gluten-free, career-crushing celiac, or a gym-obsessed, kid-raising vegan, we have a snack for you.

One that gives you an opportunity to:

- Touch: Fun, finger-friendly foods
- See: Bright, vibrant colours
- Hear: The sound of flavour waking
- Smell: Memory-making aromas
- Taste: Bold, adventurous flavours

So go on.

Grab a pack a today, discover your new favourite flavour and make some noise.

Happy snacking.

— Team Noisy

P.S. What’s going on over here?