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Noel Allen first noticed a gap in the market for adventurous flavoured snacks, which are both healthy and sustainable, in 2018 when he was carrying out research for a job interview with a snack manufacturer. Noel got the job but within hours of accepting, the offer was pulled with no reason given. Despite the disappointment, an idea had been born and Noel continued to research the snack industry and decided to pursue his own idea of healthier snacks with adventure.

Noisy Snacks Story

As with any business getting started can be a difficult process, for Noel the first hurdle was finding a supplier willing to work with him – many stated that the business was too small and that he wouldn’t be able to purchase Minimum Order Quantities.

Not one to give up, Noel developed the product flavours before coming back to the issue of manufacturing. During this process he was mixing his ingredients by shaking it up himself and realised that doing this was fun and interactive and offering a memorable customer experience. That was the moment Noisy Snacks was born.

Getting started building Noisy Snacks

Since then, the Noisy Snacks brand has progressed, products are available through the Noisy Snacks website, on Amazon and in a number of large retailers across the UK, including Tesco and Aldi. In 2021 Noisy Snacks won a Great Taste Award for Beef Brisket Flavour Broad Beans and the Noisy Piri mango Chickpeas was featured as the healthy snack at Wimbledon Tennis.

Looking ahead into 2022, Noisy Snacks will be launching new sustainable packaging and encouraging customer to SHOUT about their health and Noisy lifestyle while enjoying healthier, tastier snacks.

Developing the product

About Noisy Snacks

We are Team Noisy. We are on a mission to lead the snacking market with healthier snacks, adventurous flavours, sustainable materials, experience and noise...

Noisy Snacks create innovative, healthier snacks that offer a fun way of eating while using all FIVE Senses.

About Noisy Snacks

Every pack of Noisy Snacks is a sensory adventure waiting to happen. It’s the chance to try something new, surprise yourself and — most of all — make some noise! Noise is our secret ingredient because every time you shake a Noisy Snack, you activate the extra flavours in the pack. With flavours and options for every lifestyle under the sun (yes, including vegans), your dream snack is right here, waiting for you to discover it.

Noisy Snacks are a sensory adventure


  • Low Calorie
  • All Natural
  • High Protein
  • High FIVE!
  • 100% recyclable packaging
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