Noisy Lab

Back in the day, people dreamt that future technology would give us flying cars, hover-boards and robots who would find your missing socks...

Well, the future is here — and it’s even better then what you’d hoped.

Welcome to The Noisy Lab.

Where Am I?

Ok, so it’s 2020, and we still haven’t figured out a way to make our smartphone batteries last longer than 4 hours — but what if none of that mattered?

What if you were able to create snacks so tasty, with flavours so powerful, that you could hack into your senses and feel like a child again?

What if you had the power to choose packaging and ingredients that were custom-made to your tastes, dietary needs and lifestyle choices?

And what if you could do it all — right here — in The Noisy Lab?

Introducing The Future Of Snacking

Here at Team Noisy, we’re always looking ahead and dreaming up new ways to make snack-time great again.


The Noisy Lab is our space to experiment and go crazy with new flavours, ideas, and tech.

From using AI to help pair snacks with your favourite beer/wine/Netflix show, to offering fully personalised snacks, packaging and flavours, we’re cooking up a storm that has the potential to shake-up the snack industry forever.

The best part is that we’re inviting you to be a part of it.

So if you’re a foodie, flavour connoisseur or someone who likes to try new things, grab your earplugs and mad-scientist goggles — because things are about to get noisy.

Join the Lab